A Are you still using the pill box to remind you to take your medication as prescribed every day from week to week?

Do you have experience filled in the wrong pills into a small box, or there is not enough space for all of the pills?

The eReminder cap can be filled with pills for one month at a time, which can eliminate and avoid all the troubles in your living.

cap and medicine taking

According your prescription which had listed the different method of usage of each pill and the size of pill to choose your eReminder cap or Reminder cap.


The introductions of Reminder cap & eReminder cap;

Reminder Cap : 
Designed as a counter, which count your usage and remind you taking your medication as prescribed. It doesn’t have the eMeds logo on the cap.

eReminder Cap : 
Designed as a usage counter, each eReminder cap has insert a tag which could loading user personal info, the method of usage of pill and the info of pill through the eMeds app or system.
eReminder cap could be activated via eMeds app and presenting the functions as follow;

  • Medication reminder can be setting within 24 hours a day according the live style of users.

  • The info of each eReminder cap can be activated through eMeds app for ensure safety medication.

  • iCare connection, sharing the medication records of users to his/her family, nursing station or social worker, who was approved by user to understand the medication behavior of user.

  • Discovered and recorded the unknown pills related an allergy after users taking medication.

  • Others reminding.

Scan Your Medication with eMeds, Sweep Away All Your Worries

Reminding and Recording Medication:

First, enter the eMeds system or eMeds App through website.
Write the drug information and usage into the lid of smart cap through cell phone or computer and then fill the bottle with drug.
If the drug name on cell phone is consistent with the medication information on the bottle, click the clock icon to automatically set the medication reminding according to the preset personal schedule.

Associated Person Reminds of Medication :

The associate person could be relatives, social worker, nurse and nursing workers in nursing home.
Set the relative person in the eMeds system and then connect it to the cell phone, or use the eMeds APP to produce the patient’s QR Code.
Scan the OR code to establish connection.
Social worker, nurse and nursing workers in nursing home could establish connection with more than one patients to care about the patients’ medication.

Monitor Ensures Medication to be Taken:

It is mandatory that patients of infectious disease (for epidemic prevention purpose), drug addicts and dementia patients be supervised for medication. The supervisor could be police officer in the neighborhood, nurse, social worker, relatives or precint head. Scanning the QR code of the patients with their own cell phones, they can start to supervise the medication of patients. When all drugs are taken by the patients, they click “I have completed medication supervision” which will be recorded in the eMeds system and cell phone of the patient.

Medication Record can be Inquired :

General patients of chronic disease will go through various examinations when they return to hospital for check-ups. The doctor will assess whether the patient’s condition has improved after a period of prescriped medication and adjust the prescription based on the medication record collected from eMeds system. Through eMeds system, the doctor can learn about every patient’s medication record so as to arrange examination and adjust prescription.

The operation procedure is easy. Apply to gain access to the medicaton record of the patient. Enter the eMeds system through patient’s cell phone or the website of eMeds. Put in the temporary password sent to the patient to check the patient’s medication record.

Alert PIM to Repeated Prescription:

Every patient might see doctor of more than two departments in one day. When the patient is prescripted the same medicine, the eMeds sysem will alert the pharmacist to the medicine name or the eMeds APP will alert to the same medicine name to prevent the patients from taking the same medicine.