Which Groups Need
eReminder Cap or eMeds Services ?


Elderly people

Elderly people usually take more than three kinds of medicines or health products every day. eReminder caps provide different usages to remind users taking medication as prescribed. You can fill the medicines into the eReminder cap at one time to avoid the trouble of dispensing and storage. You can read the drug info of eReminder cap via eMeds app before taking medication to ensure the safe medication.
Meanwhile, i Care, the one of function of eMeds app can be connect to his/her family, nursing station or social worker to understand the medication behavior of users.


Home-Care Mental Patients Returning to Society

First of all, eReminder cap and eMeds services can protect your medication privacy, but if you don't follow the doctor's instructions to take medicine on time or pick medicine to take, eMeds services will share your medication record with your family, social worker or nurses to remind them to monitor your medication.

To improve the relationships between doctor and patients, you can give feedbacks on your adverse drug reaction to your doctor and ask him to adjust your prescription.


Chronic Patients Disease

Besides using eMeds services as a medication reminder, you can also record your drug allergy and adverse drug reaction in the eMeds APP. When you go back to clinic for check-up, you can give your feedbacks to the doctor through the record on the APP. Thus, the doctor can gain a further understanding of the daily medication behavior of each patient in order to adjust precription and improve the medical treatment.


Drug Addicts

Drug rehabilitation is one of the methods to cure drug addiction which can reduce the pain of patients when addiction attacks. During the curing process, drug dose control is crucial, and therefore eMeds system will record the prescription and side effects of each procedure to review the effects of drug dose on symptom in order to improve the medical treatment.


Disease Control

Drug prescribing and monitoring to patients is key in preventing epidemic disease. eReminder Cap Internet of Things can provide assistance to the monitor in disease prevention.

Before Taking Medicine

Use eMeds APP to scan the eReminder Cap to identify the drug info and ensure safe medication.


Display the count of your usage

Recording the times of taking out medicine from the bottle. Even if you don't have the assistance from the eReminder cap, the number of times shown on the eReminder Cap to remind users on taking medication as prescribed.

(eReminder Cap has obtained patents from many countries. Counterfeits will be investigated.)


How to Choose eReminder Cap

Please choose the eReminder Cap and bottle of proper size according to the usage and size of pills on the prescription.

The eReminder Cap and bottle of different capacities can be combined freely.


eReminder Cap and eMeds Instructions

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    eReminder cap and eMeds services

About Us

We have been committed to developing diversified products for MHAP such as the miniature,1.5L & 3L cradles for Hennessy VSOP & XO within past 10 years. With great enthusiasm, innovation, initiative, responsibility and caring spirit, we actively respond to the market trend. Since 2018, we have focused our efforts on advancing medical technology and have succeeded in developing the eReminder cap has a counter function which display the count of your usage and reminds users on taking medication punctually as prescribed, it has obtained patents from many countries. Therefore we have continued to developing eMeds app which to scan the eReminder Cap to identify the drug name and ensure safe medication, carries forward the team-working spirit of our company. eReminder cap & eMeds app attended the Germany Nuremberg Design Contest on behalf of Taiwan in September 2019 and won the silver medal. We wish that eReminder cap & eMeds can help guard the health of future generations.

eMeds APP

Scan the QR code to download eMeds APP freely

Expected Date of Launching: the end of January 2021


Scan Your Medication with eMeds, Sweep Away All Your Worries

Reminding and Recording Medication:

First, enter the eMeds system or eMeds App through website.
Write the drug information and usage into the lid of smart cap through cell phone or computer and then fill the bottle with drug.
If the drug name on cell phone is consistent with the medication information on the bottle, click the clock icon to automatically set the medication reminding according to the preset personal schedule.

Associated Person Reminds of Medication :

The associate person could be relatives, social worker, nurse and nursing workers in nursing home.
Set the relative person in the eMeds system and then connect it to the cell phone, or use the eMeds APP to produce the patient’s QR Code.
Scan the OR code to establish connection.
Social worker, nurse and nursing workers in nursing home could establish connection with more than one patients to care about the patients’ medication.

Monitor Ensures Medication to be Taken:

It is mandatory that patients of infectious disease (for epidemic prevention purpose), drug addicts and dementia patients be supervised for medication. The supervisor could be police officer in the neighborhood, nurse, social worker, relatives or precint head. Scanning the QR code of the patients with their own cell phones, they can start to supervise the medication of patients. When all drugs are taken by the patients, they click “I have completed medication supervision” which will be recorded in the eMeds system and cell phone of the patient.

Medication Record can be Inquired :

General patients of chronic disease will go through various examinations when they return to hospital for check-ups. The doctor will assess whether the patient’s condition has improved after a period of prescriped medication and adjust the prescription based on the medication record collected from eMeds system. Through eMeds system, the doctor can learn about every patient’s medication record so as to arrange examination and adjust prescription.

The operation procedure is easy. Apply to gain access to the medicaton record of the patient. Enter the eMeds system through patient’s cell phone or the website of eMeds. Put in the temporary password sent to the patient to check the patient’s medication record.

Alert PIM to Repeated Prescription:

Every patient might see doctor of more than two departments in one day. When the patient is prescripted the same medicine, the eMeds sysem will alert the pharmacist to the medicine name or the eMeds APP will alert to the same medicine name to prevent the patients from taking the same medicine.